sleepless nights- nirvahe

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 12:04 -- Nirvahe


 i know your tired of the constant texts,the constant ventin

i know for a fact its an obsession/

I’m just tired, i need some sleep,

i tried coutin sheep/, i tried xanex

constantly contemplating on whether  

i should press "send text "

never thought I’d be calling you my ex/

your green eyes were my escape

like a runaway in the hills of a green valley 

you used to be so fucked up about me/

baby,i know I fucked up shit

so I cry,while I get lit

hoping this shit will make me content/

i know I’m not the same 

damn whats the difference 

between love and pain/

I’m hoping I can somehow trespass

into your heart

and i hope that shit last

and for a chance of a  a fresh new start/

I remember the first time you 

whispered i love you in my ear

 I swea to god you stopped my heart/

I felt a mutual feeling 

took my heart before , i blinked

should of told you theres no stealing\

cause now I’m hurt

and theres no way of healing/

whats the difference between 

a blessing and a curse

  Im a prisoner of remorse/

I lost your 6’4 feet of perfection

i guess that explains my depression

take this feeling outta me,like a c-section

but I always show you some type of affection/

 I’d put my pride aside

just to be you your ride or die

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