Slam on Society

This world today is a tangled mess of opinions and hate and opinions and wait. Stepping outside is like stepping into a court room except both sides of the room are calling me guilty. The jury is gone, the judge is no longer breathing, and the lawyers have fire streaming out of their mouths. This country is split down the middle like the tapestry down the hall, but when the earthquake hit did anyone read the writing on the wall? We’re too busy fighting to notice our brothers and sisters fall. There’s chaos in the street, children dying and crying with blood pooling at our feet. Did we forget about the ones in the middle? We were so busy picking which seats to fill that we didn’t notice the ones told to sit in the back of the bus. If history is so important to not repeat then why didn’t we keep the receipt? I see us make the same mistakes over and over until the meaning of the words are lost. We are so quick to compare humans to hitler so quick to yell “concentration camps” that we forget the millions who died hearing those words. If this is a sick joke then I missed the punchline or maybe it was too busy punching me in the face for having an opinion. The boy who cried wolf is crying fake news while the wolves circle him like piranhas and he’s caught in a noose. The four gorgon sisters are preaching free speech, but turn anyone who speaks into stone. The snakes in their hair hiss racism like a secret weapon that is ready to invade, but overseas American citizens are jumping on grenades. I want to say hold up a minute, or wait a minute. But the hate runs too deep to stand in it. I’m sinking like a stone, falling faster than I could throw it. I’m crying, we’re dying and the politicians know it. Believe me when I tell you I love you cause I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to tell you. The truth they want us to swallow is that if you’re not right or left then you are wrong, but I’ll keep spitting it out like the poison it is until the day comes when equality is the only word rolling off our lips. When love means more than just the motion of our hips. When our minds aren’t clouded by drug induced trips. You can hit me and hit me and hit me again, but at the end of time, love always wins. It’s as certain as the rising and the falling of tides they can try to oppress you, but the truth is inside you building like a volcano about to erupt. While they tell you again that you’ll never be enough. But you are. Believe me when I tell you you are. You are worthy, you are beautiful, you are perfect exactly the way you are. Every blemish, every curve, every long forgotten scar. The world will knock you down and believe that it has won, but you need to get back up and let them know you’ve just begun. They’ve molded us and folded us trying to make us into warriors, but the battle will be fought and our love will be victorious. Their siren calls cry out from the dark and from the deep, from the red, the blue, the party flags that wave beneath our feet. The earth is crying out, says it’s dying where we stand, but the cries are overlooked like another player in the band. Can’t you see my tears or the peace sign in my hand? We’ve lost the freedom in our homes and the bravery in our land. But there’s one last thing you need to know, this country can be great. Where hope resides and hate subsides I know it’s not too late.

This poem is about: 
My country



What a rally of verse! A powerful theme elegantly traversed. 



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