The Skeleton's Bones

You added the last bone to complete your skeleton of me
Because with you my new body felt as complete as the sacks of Humans you call your "other" best friends
The ones you've arranged one by one to finish your prized collection of souls
Each dipped in a subtle poison to in time be overcome by the intoxicating allure of lies 
So thank you 
I appreciate the bones you are replacing, poison you're injecting,
Because for a moment the lids on my eyes are blissfully sewn shut
As the needle inserts the rosy colored liquid into my irises
And the only reason why I'm putting up with this drawn-out execution
Is because my bones are addicted to the way you make me feel when I do something right
So keep constructing me
Mold me maker
Do what you must 
Do what you will 
For I am your skeleton to kill


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