I see so many people with their closets stuffed full  Full of so many skeletons And the shelves of their heart are stacked full of skulls  Just staring Into the cold stone darkness  The void of their eyes look to the void that's deprived  Of happiness a life of lies  Their hypocrisy astounding  You can't have a house of cards made of glass at the same time so why try They'll both fall when the stones come And yet they still allow these skeletons to guard their soul  Won't let anyone in cuz it's way to cold  The issue with this is that every time that they try to escape their self made prison  The skeleton sentries stuff them back inside  Or at least for most There are some who can escape from themselves  And unlock their door to that inner hell  And the lives of those who ended well  All have one thing in common  See when the walls of your heart have been hardened  You can become consumed by the darkness  Trapped in the gaze of the skulls on the shelves  The illusion of pride sneaks in Like what if I could solve this  I don't need help I could do it alone  Escape this cell and sit back on my throne  Rule my thoughts And then maybe all my decisions won't seem so wrong and  I could see how strong my own power is  That I've gotten rid of these skeletons However  When it's only you taking on an army of regret  There is no hope for your freedom  The only way to battle that battalion of thought  Is to accept you are in need of aid  Take your wounds and lay  Them down  Because when the doors holding your soul back release  The sun can shine and cast out the dark  And with that light comes inner peace  So always  Be  Who  You   Are  Peel back the walls that hide your scars  And the skeletons will run for fear  Your greatest weapon is a listening ear  And a caring friend One with whom your friendship won't end Just because you've made mistakes  See  When confronted with sunlight  The skeletons can't survive  And the skulls lining your heart they'll seem to fly  Away  And leave you to a brighter day  So don't be to proud to take responsibility  You are in control of how you handle it all  And yes you might just fall  But if you do as God desires he'll pick you up and dust you off  And you'll be Ok  

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