A Single Mom's Poem :)

A little background information: This poem is about my son's "father," who was a liar and a cheater. We are no longer together. #singlemompower #ilovemyson



At night, I like awake

because I can’t close my eyes

little did you know--

your love’s got me hypnotized.

But you’re breakin’ promise after promise,

tellin’ lie after lie

been tellin’ you for a minute

 you’re runnin’ outta time

before it’s goodbye,

then babe it’s too late.

All of these excuses got me questionin’ our fate

but wait, I aint said I’m finished yet.

We’re not just breakin’ up because you played a stupid bet.

There’s more,

so don’t you head toward that door.

You ain’t leavin’ outta here ‘til you’re weepin’ on the floor.

And with that, lemme tell you somethin’ to bring you down another level,

instead of you playin tricks like the devil,

tryna get me outta your life,

tryna prove you’re like an innocent Cinderella

It’s not one thing poppin’ up,

it’s one thing after the next

And before you know it--

You gon be tryna catch your breath.

 ‘Cause you think you’re so game

with your little smart phone and hundred contact names.

but really—you are lame.

And THIS was all a game.

Too bad I won the grand prize,

he’s fallin’ asleep beside me,

lookin’ into his Momma’s eyes.




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