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I meet a boy who gave my hope  in my adolescent days  A few months passed and we eloped  Although he ended up treating me like a joke  A year went by and our daughter arrived 
being a mom isnt easy being a student isnt easy but i love it so it makes it easy i wouldnt change it for the wolrd did i mention being single  living on my own doesnt make that easy 
Metastasizing in my grandfather was the horrific monster The monster that has fought relentlessly to win mercilessly Its grotesque figure has combatted many From my granddad, to mother, to me
I could scoop you out, tear the shit you say and, rip you out my life. I have no consistency of what you mean. What value you hold in my life in unknown , but a piece of me lives on due to you.
Love, what a word Not the lust in which people love But the Trust in which is a must Trust that no one will leave you behind the moment you realize you are love itself Surrounding people around you
  Ali, I don’t spend much time with you and I don’t cuddle enough. I do unendingly work. And sit at my desk. And maybe, once in a while slide in for a kiss when you nudge at my legs.
A little background information: This poem is about my son's "father," who was a liar and a cheater.
My mouth is dry And uh- I haven’t pissed in days For which I’ incapable Really got too much on the brain The excess water in my system Look how it all rise Spreading out to my face
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