Sincerely Yours


United States
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I'm writing this letter
To my unborn son, I hope you're much better
Than I ever was
If you're like me, you'll never, ever budge.
And you'll meet a lot of trouble, but you'll do more good.
Lesson one: Nobody's perfect.
I've made a lot of choice, most weren't worth it.
But I learned from it, so trust when I object
Been there, done that. To the next subject
Lesson 2: I didn't know your grandfather.
But I will teach you how to walk on water,
Focus much longer, how to walk taller,
How to talk proper to other people's daughters.
Lead, never follow, be your own author.
Don't let a man write your story.
Lesson 3: Never alter the truth.
Pursue your dreams if your conscious approves.
This letter to you son, I hope you read it
To you, I pledge me allegiance.
Trust me, one day you'll need it.
Everything i tell you will have a reason.
This letter, I hope you keep it
To you, I pledge allegiance.
Trust me, one day you'll need it
And I'll be right there to hold all your secrets.


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