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I don’t have tattoos to hide my skin I use them to show what I represent within As my body is the tongue that my mind speaks And the stories I have on my body are still incomplete.  
Skin and bones I lay dormant to you Freshly inked on your fleshwith no regretsI expose you.  Sharply defined,the darknessof my ink bleeds Your creative expression.  You chose me.
They say tattoos are an addiction like crack or cocaine. But I think we are just in love with the idea that something will never leave us. In a world where everything is temporary
  I sit, feeling the burn throughout my bicep Some spots, I wince from the pain The constant humming of the machine has embedded in my brain Much like the ink being embedded in my arm
The needle pricks my bodyInk flows from its pointCaressing my skin, creating memoriesCould be a reminderOr a messageThe telling of a storyThe marking of words and images
I look down At my tattoos And I think Tattoos last longer   Longer than what? Longer than pain And happiness Tears or smiles   Longer than childhood Or high school
As young people, we are told "Be yourself; noone can do it for you." That is awesome.   Then we grow older And ourselves are not what anyone expected. That is awesome.  
I am a suit and tie man with tattoos peeking out from under my sleeves, black ink that flows from my pen on to every assignment I turn in demonstrates intellectuality, the ink that punctures my skin tells a story,
I am the girl with the dragon tattoo. I have the fire in my heart and the drive to be flawless in every facet of the word. I am ferocious as the dragon that calls my shoulder his home.
Knots Some for infinity Tied together tight Never taken away Until it is not needed Until its job is done
  Tattoos? Not a chance. 
Inked skin tells a story about life Ins, outs, ups, downs, and strife Adventures, loves, death, and family Stories on my skin have forever branded me They can't be forgotten or even erased
The awkward thing about permenance  is just how contradiciting it is.
are like storybooks. They display themselves like open books, desperately waiting to be looked upon by curious eyes.   People with tattoos are unpublished authors.
The needle moves quickly
I dream of a world I can conquer with ink; Not ink on a paper, or ink in a pen; But ink on the canvas some artists call thy body,
according to my tattoo artist my paper is skin thin my skin is paper thin. thin skin means more scarring means shitty tattoos. i am not capable of  holding ink. 
Mom and Dad want me to evaluate the broken, To diagnose them with the disease we all have- surreal survival,
Am I here? Is this real? Please teach me gently How to feel …………………………………. Ive lost my luck
I want to get a few tattoos Mark myself with the beauty Rather than the hardships Of all my experiences   A sun on the front of my right shoulder
I am a lost canvas Why do I seem invisible?Why am I ignored?
It's funny how this machine could get you so excited. It gets me excited.Simply seeing the coils and the cords, the needles and the inks in their cups.I fill up with such happiness and ecstasy, it's amazing.
Suffering pain at your hands is nothing new to me. So call me a masochist, because I keep coming back, just to be near you. But the buzz of the needle is as close as I can get to you nowadays.
I'm feeling high tonight. Not sure what it's from Could it be these pills? Maybe these cheap thrills. I can't be sure. Where's my waldo? Is he in my dream? My friends, I don't know.
A porcelain doll stands in the window skin so pale, so frail, and so flawless. Those who pass by, are struck by her beauty She is PERFECT in their eyes, What they don’t know is that she’s not.
We already have a bad rep It's been going on since the beginning of time But I will not take this no longer Because now it's time to stop
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