Silent Lesson


I can hear what you say but

My mind is so distracted

Thinking about living in a room full of strangers

Thinking about if I will ever have a place to call home

So I'm sorry if I can't answer your questions about some king's throne

This place we live now is much better 

Before we lived in a place used to house women of lesser professions

I think I saw a rat once and maybe a pimp

I can tell that you are angry about the questions regarding your lessons

The answers just will not leave my lips

I wake up at four every morning to get here

 And I am tired so I always choose a seat closest to the rear

"Are you going to the game?"

I have to be home by eight and 

I want to say they will lock the doors if I'm late

Instead I say "maybe next time"

But next time will never come 

I never tell anyone not sure if they will listen 

So I just lay my head down and hear the life that I am missing

The words that you teach always fall silent once they hit my ear

As I hope and pray that life only gets better from here 

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