act of kindness

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Let us be kind to others For we may not understand Their minds may be heavy Or their hearts be light But how are we to know? So let us be kind to others For it's their seeds we sow
Kindness is all around us In the smile of a stranger In the tinkle of a baby's laughter In the chirp of a nightingale  
The kindness of others has inspired me, To live my life not only for myself, To be there for people when they need me to be, And offer them well deserved help.  Too often are people fighting alone,
  I was driving round yesterday just after four Drove past an old blind man feeding the poor I followed that blind man all around town
Christmas  Commerical happiness  Overeating, disposing, unsatisfying Random act of kindness Goodwill 
One day,An early winter one in particular,I was in a haven for the poor manMany come hereSome that can't afford it's amenities in their own right
Roses are red,  people wilt too,  Cinderella is fading away.  She works day and night,  to her sisters' delight, on the filthy ground like a slave.  A knock on the door,  a man with a letter, 
Broken to Beautiful This world is Broken Sadness Floats the air like smoke from a cigarette Depression
My eyes are tear-filled My head is spinning  My soul feels crippled But the sunshine is coming   I take a step into the wilderness of busy streets and bustling lives
One small, Teensy, Little Act Can make a huge difference. The Butterfly Effect - 
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