Apparently you didn't want me 

But I ain't Trippin'

I'm Still Livin',

I can listen to Drake all night and never get in my feelings

And the shit we're going through 

I tried to fix it 

But we lack Communication

All I get is a silent treatment 

when it's a noisy Situation

Life don't last long enough For me to be waiting 

For your forgivneness

I'm sick of apologizing 

So why you got me on this ill shit

And you can't tell me 

That when you that you Love Me 

You don't feel shit

You Sayin' 

I've done this and that but you can't prove it

But your woman intuition knows the truth and that makes you lose it

Your heart is saying 


But your mind is saying


And that's too much confusion

But when I See you about walk out the door 

I'll throw on some Jodeci 

And That'll Do It!


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