Shut This Door

Life should be good

But I have a different mood

I’m desperate for love

on this heated stove


It burns me inside and out

It makes me shout

The words spoken

Kill me in the crowd


Neglect is a favor

War is what they labor

Sin is understated

Their hearts are infested


Torture is what turns their tire

They assemble around the fire

To heat up the wire

That burns what I most desire


Scars all over me 

I want to run and flee

They invade my life

Was this what I was meant to be


Was I made to loose

For others to be abused

I can’t take this anymore

I just want to shut this door


This stuff is not helping

I just loose my feeling

This world is still turning

With no signs of healing


Hoping seems useless

It only makes me feel less

Show me someoneThat can stuff my gun


Believing there’s Hope

Can’t see it in scope

Before I abruptly end this terror

I could give a shot at prayer


I don’t care for the belief

Where is the promise of relief

But God if you exist

Free me from this death list


Show me love that I need

No longer let me bleed

Get me out of this valley

Show me heavens alley


Calmer of the seas

I’m on my knees

Help me to get up

Before I give up


You said you’re with us

Until you come to get us

Please send your spirit

Let me experience it


Give me a new start

Restore my broken heart

Let me see my life’s purpose

Show me that I’m not worthless


Guide me when I’m out

Let me ignore the crowd

Even when their voices are loud

You hear me when I cry out


Listen to my cry

I won’t be shy

If you show me the wayI won’t go astray 


I will be courageous

Walk with the hope you profess

I will follow your plan

The best I can


Then and then only

I won’t be lonely

In the midst of my trouble I call

And you’ll be with me through it all


My life can be good

It will be how it should

Even when troubles arise

I will walk with advice


From the one who loves

The one who cares

Who will never let go of me

No matter what I’ll be

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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