Show me the Truth

What lies behind my smile? Behind my

glinting eyes...?

You know that's a question I could answer for you,

but not to cliche you to death,

to tell you would be to kill you.

I know, I know

behind every face there is a life long story.

Each person has their struggle and their mental anguish

that defines them as a human being, as a creature of society.

In that way I guess I'm no different, I do have a story.

It's long--hey, I'm old--and it has plenty of low points.

Beneath the happiness I have today, the kindness I have for everyone I meet

there's a secret, a secret recipe, for how to make me.

It started with the fact, though I was born with plenty,

inside there was nothing, I was all but empty.

I was the second child, and the only disappointment.

Living in the shadow, I felt as if I was the seulement.

I hit a point so low that my anger was at an all time high...

that was the day I made The Saddest Girl, cry.

She'd done barely nothing, and nothing to me at all,

but she picked on a friend, and without thinking I leapt in.

She broke down before me, told me what made her mean

the darkest secrets inside her--nearly the same as those in me.

She had lashed against another, like I lashed out against her,

It hit me then that we all just need someone

but who would be here for everyone--or even just one or two?

to save a soul whose heart has long since turned blue...

On that day I destroyed what I was

who I had become then died.

I built a new me, to the old life I said goodbye.

I told myself to save others from becoming what I'd been

I'd act a friend to all, to all be their kin.

Since no one was there for me, I'd be there for those in need

this life style, this path, it canceled out my self greed,

it killed the angry child

and built what you see before you:



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