She's the Girl........

She's the Girl.....


She’s the girl you forget, but never forgets you.

Her heart lacks purity and she does not denounce this.


She’s the girl no one really disses, yet no one ever misses.

No man yearns to touch her lips and all is well,

For she does not live off kisses.


She’s the girl you can’t quite hate, but don’t know well enough to love.

You may not tell her much, but in her eyes you’re transparent.


She’s the girl who believes in God, but prays as much as an Atheist does.

The churches have never welcomed her, but the Devil shall not own her.


She’s the girl you might’ve seen, but never truly saw.

Her presence will not entrance you and her voice is much too soft.


She’s the girl who will never say, “Hi,”

Though she may have seen you a dozen times.

They never seek her out first, yet she finds herself at their feet.


She’s the girl who thinks too much and thinks of you -

Though you may not know.

A conversation had in the distant past, will replay like a grainy video.


She’s the girl you’ll never dream of, but dreams the day away.

She’ll never leave your side…but no one ever stays.

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