she's a fighter

She taught herself how to lie. Through gritted teeth she claims that she's fine, but the world sees otherwise. She has fought for so long. Collecting purple hearts from the battles her soul has faced. Enough wounds to earn her an honorable discharge but she refuses to retire her heart. Nothing could make her feel alive quite like flinging herself from a bridge could with nothing but a cord to keep her dangling between life and death. Little did she know the tightrope she walked on were her heartstrings and when her heart broke she fell too. Nevertheless she opens her body up to those made of broken bones, she lets them find shelter in her half empty house. It isn't pretty but there is so much love here for a place that feels so cold. She'll offer up her last blanket to warm the cold, she gives her only bit of food to those who are starving, and her last bit of love to those who have only found loneliness.


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