shaunsterXXX legends rap

shaunsterXXX legends rap emonal

im a legend all the legends are awsome 

i becoming a legend i love all my friends

haters are **** jealous i have to bleep it out

the bad words because i dont want to be ****

hated bullys keeps on hating on all the **** legends

im tired of **** hate  i know your tired of **** hate

so am i we are all legends  every yone can be a legend

im a rapper legend im a legend  im tired of **** hate

i know ur tired of **** hate so am i we are all legends

im a legend we are all legends legends are awsome 

we are all legend i cause trouble  im tired of **** hate

we are all legends every yone that are good people or trouble makers are

legends dont kill ur self sucide is not gonna happen we are all legends we are not

ggonna die because legends never die  we are all legends



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