In the Shape of a Man


A monster came in the shape of a man

and promised me a better land

of freedom and joy and success of my own,

and somewhere I could call my home.


It wasnt long before I saw

the selfishness behind it all.

All the tender fragile lies,

my life was drained before my eyes.


Every time I neared escape

he suddenly would change his shape,

and where the monster once had stood

a man was now, full of good.


A long long time I floated there,

the limbo 'tween joy and despair,

trapped by chains of empty vows,

lost inside the here and now.


Finally I then was freed,

though not without increasing need

to find a path through endless mist,

to show someone that I exist.


An angel came in the shape of a man,

and made my world a better land.

He showed me the freedom I had all along,

and gave me a home in his world full of song.


And though I kept trying to find

a reason that he’d change his mind,

a darker thought behind the sweet,

a reason such a man would cheat,


though I searched I never found
a reason why he’d let me drown,
and every day he proved to me
that he could see all I could be.


Eventually my fears did pass,

my mind was clearer than the glass,

allowing me to accept the love,

the love that I’d been dreaming of.


The love I thought was only in books,

a fantasy of loving looks,

of being someones everything

and the joy that love could bring.


I hope to god that I dont lose

the angel that I’ll always choose

to spend forever with him near,



the reason that my eyes are clear.


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