Shadows of Utopia



In the dark of the night

I face my window with open eyes

I hesitate to bring back happy thoughts

Despite being trapped where the fear lies


My memories bring neither peace nor comfort

While being gripped by pain and loss

Family and friends, just ghosts

About which I dream and then toss


Shrouded in loneliness, I plead

That time will not erase every love I had

Every face, every name, every moment I knew

Just shadows of a utopia that was once a fad


A cold wind blows through the cracks in my window

And with it blows a desperate greed

A strong longing to turn on the light

As if it will lighten the weight of all that I need


And in these volatile times, I lay back down

And wish for forever sleep

To put an end to these nightmares

With which open eyes weep



Dear Writer,

I cried during reading this, though I love it so,

but just because it spoke to the deepest parts with in me.

   Yours Truley,

  You Know Who

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