Thu, 06/27/2019 - 15:23 -- Maudy

When I was 7
Mama pulled me aside
I say “Yes Mama”
She started, “My baby,”
Which I no longer was

“How would you feel if..”
My world had ended
“Your Dad and I separated”

The word “Separate”
Meant something different
in my vocabulary

It didn’t mean
the end of my

“If it makes you happy”
I responded.

I didn’t care about boys or toys
All I cared about was
How to make mommy stop crying.

Something broke that day
The spirit of a child
The Light inside my eyes

Nights filled with Laughter
Turned into tears
Once Joyous holidays
turned into endless bickering

“Who gets the kids for Christmas?
For New Years?

Nights filled with wonder
Turned into wondering why?

Why I don’t remember happy memories?
Why I don’t fit in with the other kids?
Why did I had to give up my childhood at the age of 7?

I was stuck
Stuck in the middle
I was the messenger
Protector of reality to my brother and sister
I was everything, but a Kid.

At the age of 8
I learned about Life
I learned that love is a choice
I learned not to judge
Not to assume
Not to hold a grudge
I learned that life happens and that you just have to keep moving

I grew up
And that’s okay.

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