Sept. 29, 2019

I feel like a burden in my own home, I am not loved I am loathed.
I just lie here and cry, I want someone to lie with me
I'm starting to feel sorry for myself and start wanting to die, I'm planning it out but I know I won't commit.
I don't want to be where I'm not wanted.
I don't want to be where I'm already forgotten.
I want to be loved and listened to,
I want to know that it's safe to open up to you.
But inside I feel like I'm better off, like not trying for us will help my mind to wander off.
Because it's not fair how much I love you, just to feel so unappreciated by you.
And you just think I'm a lazy cry baby, but won't think maybe I'm just depressed baby. That what I want is for you to help me baby, to be there for me, pick me up baby.
I imagine you're more than what you really give me
So that when life is good, I can say you did it with me.
I don't want to keep putting you down, all because my heart is hurt and I can't smile now.
You just think I'm stuck like this a certain way, but I want you to help me through this baby, I got all day...

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