We were like any normal couple.

Had the same interests,

Liked the same things,

Laughed at the same dumb jokes.



I didn’t feel the same way as him.


But the constant reminder from the foreboding student body told me not to break it off.


“You’re the nicest person I know!”

“How could no one not like you?”


“Is there anything you can’t do?”



Is there anything I can’t do?

Well, the short answer?




I couldn’t break someones heart.


But things slowly began to roll down a hill.


Together became separate,

And separate became you.

Just you and only you.

Me, me, me,

My, my, my.


Where did “us” go?


The “I like you”s turned into “Why does everyone like you?”


“Haha! You’re an idiot! Who in their right mind listens to that teacher?

How does she know better?”

“Why did you get into that honor choir? I clearly have the stronger voice!”

“I’m a junior, you’re a sophomore! Where’s my seniority?!”


But I still stayed with you.

Still trying to be the nice girl who never broke anyones heart.


"Selfish" I think I described you.

But now It’s my turn.

My turn to be the selfish one.


My, my, my,

Me, me, me

It’s all about me now.

My time that you wasted,

My uninteresting memories,

My held breath suddenly whooshing out,

No longer worrying about interrupting you.


After a year of hurt,

Of being second,

Of walking on eggshells,

I left.




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