a selfie in words

Sat, 03/07/2015 - 03:08 -- jvwmg

i hold up my phone
at arms length,
because i spent a little effort
putting my outfit together
and admittedly,
i want to show off a bit.


the lighting's not that great,
and i'm not too sure what my angles are,
but fuck it.
i'm feeling pretty good,
and i'm not gonna let
fifty bad pictures ruin my day.


and i know i don't know how to smile
without looking like it's been ten years
since i was genuinely happy,
but i've got wrinkles like fault lines
that break the surface of my skin
until i look like a man
experienced in laughter,
and i look gooooooood.


so despite the grainy quality,
happiness radiates like sunbeams from my eyes
and my smile looks like a bad joke
that you can't help but laugh at,
because it's actually pretty funny,
even if you don't want to admit it.


and despite the weathered,
war-torn look in my eyes,
you see growth and love
and life like in the moment
right when you wake up
from a long-awaited nap.


thank you for the double-tap
and the fire emojis.
today, i feel good.
and i just wanted to share.


#nofilter #selfie #me


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