Self Infliction

Yes I am broken and bruised,

Yes willingly, I love the abuse,

Yes the nights are long

There’s not enough distractions in the day,

Yes the reasons to leave

Outweigh the reasons to stay,

Yes every now and then

I slip back into old ways,

Yes I feel the same,

No question, always

Yes it’s hard to stop the smile

 Reminiscing brings to my face,

Yes it ceases all too quickly

Faded by the pain

I now find in the mention of your name,

Yes sometimes I wish that I could reverse time,

Yes do it, however you want me to

Yes I agree,

Yes with everything, anything,

Yes I’ll buy the rope

Tie my hands,

Yes if you want me to I’ll never speak again,

Yes please just be here, be my friend,

Yes I need you, it’s all true,

The prey needs the predator they say

It’s the only way,

I am a stupid girl

I see it all too clearly

Until it becomes opaque.





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