Second Choice


You are not a second choice, 
I see a spark in your eyes.
You are strong, brave, ferocious -
no one should tell you otherwise.
No man should settle for you
for what you truly deserve
is someone who’ll desire you, 
not hurt you with words.
He’ll love you with no regrets
and seal that with a kiss,
he’ll walk right beside you,
not ashamed to call you his.
He’ll always hold you tight,
feel terrified of letting go,
he’ll yearn to learn about you,
more than you could ever know.
There is someone out there, darling,
he’ll always love you for you,
he’ll delight in all your little quirks,
not afraid to admit so too.
He’ll accept you for you,
kiss all of your scars, 
tell you What you are is beautiful, 
even when you don’t think you are.
So don’t you dare say last resort,
be the first one standing in line.
You are not a backup plan, my dear, 
don’t wait around and waste your time.
You are not his other option, 
please say no to second best.
Be loved how you want to be loved,
you don’t deserve any less.

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Our world
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I absolutely love this and I feel like it could have been written just for me. Way to say just the right things in just the right way!! I'll admit, I'm kind of fangirling over the beauty of it.

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