Second Chance

Have you ever felt lime you needed a second chance?

Like your first life you just mest up?

Everybody sees you as your not.

On the inside you feel sad and alone.

Sometimes you think everything is just your fault.

Do you feel like you need to go?

To act like yourself in another world?

Sometimes I think everyone thinks I let it happen.

I didn't want to lose hime.

My little brother.

Was it my fault?

Was it my other brother's?

Or was it my best friend's?

Who knows?

But I think everyone else knows.

They think it was me.

It wasn't, was it?

Was it my fault I didn't watch him?

That my mom was asleep and my dad watching tv?

While I nine years old play with my best friend.

Not thinking anything in the world could go wrong.

I don't know.

Do you?

I feel hated, sad, scared.

Scared one day when I see him again he thinks its my fault.

Yes, I feel I need a second chance.

I start now with a fresh life.

Forgetting the past.

Remembering the future.


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