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Please don’t overthink this, Dad,but this morning when you walked into my room,murmured, “It’s time to wake up, Mr. President”and checked my vents for warm air,I painted a portrait of you in the low light.
Smoke to ease the pain away just for a little bit My brain moving at the speed of light I be thinking ‘bout some real shit The feelings of depression falling over my shoulders with that blanket feeling
Trying to act normal like not having a father doesn’t affect you; year after year as a child you grew. Having a foundation of trials and an absence of fatherhood;
I want to spend time with my daughterI think of her all day longHer blonde hair, her lovely laughterRead her a book? Sing a song?Daydreaming about her development…Proud that she is increasingly intelligent!
Fathers, Teach them well 1.       Lose your hatred 2.       Lose your fear 3.       Fear of the other 4.       Fear of their ways 5.       Ways to win 6.       Ways to ruin
What can you tell me?Is this the land of the free?If I enter a store,Will you search me all o’re?   It’s okay, I understand.To your fear,I fear,I have lent a hand.  
I’m just a boy trying to fix my father’s mistakes, and excel where he lacked.
I'm damaged.
“You're all I got kiddo, there's no reason I can't show you what you have.”
For I am the child of my Father
Everyone's got one and everyone of them is different. Some are tall, small, skinny, big, black, white, asain, mexican, blue hair, brown hair. Father's. Every guy can be a father but few can be a dad.
If I have a baby boy- then I guess he'll call me dad, which is a lot, since thats something I never got to call my biological
Where are our fathers? They won't even bother to care for their loved ones, Won't kiss them or hug them. So mother is left bearing kids on her back
His dad always told him “You can do anything Be anything” And he believed him Some days he was a Dancer Director Dentist Or even a Dinosaur But never was he a doctor.
furious styles told his son trey, any fool with a dick can make a baby, but it takes a father to raise a child that came from the movie boyz n the hood does it happen in the hood-yes
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