Scholarship Slam (Debt)


Most people call it busy,

A constant movement,

A flutter in one direction

Get this:

You have no clue you're movin'

Caught in the crossroads

Two paths to choose

But some can't afford

They wear the losing shoes

Without a little help one falls far from their plan

So many outside forces 

Wanting you to buy into their borrowing scam.

Balancing act or just an unfair scale?

They say it's just a small tax cut 

Reaching out stabbing students in the gut

Many cut out, teachers in a rut

Who knew wallets could bruise?

Maybe if I knew this I'd back out instead of lose.

I do know that help isn't far

If you're a diamond in the dirt

Your voice won't go unheard

Keep climbing and fighting the struggle

Let there be no unnatainable hurdle 

When you meet the system look at the beast and smile

It wants you to be scared 

because you're strong and the beast is in denial.






Dang you are really in deep with your student loans. Hang in there:)

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