Why do I let the things that crush my soul

Bruise my demeanor, my attitude, my outlook on life?

Is it because my mind, a vast space filled with dreams of love and adventure,

Hope and happiness, splendor and joy,

Is also the sinkhole that devours those same dreams 

With the dark inescapable sand of depression and doubt?

Can't tell you how many nights I've cried

Because I let the pressures of the world trap me

Into thinking "Nope, I'm done,"

Before I drown that thinking out with the faint notes

From an inspirational song, and then..

Music fills my head, heavenly notes

Flowing like a long, coursing, powerful river

Soothing my fears, bringing me to tears with the

Craftsmanship of carefully-placed harmonies and pulsing rhythms

To accompany the mental replay of my life's best moments, 

Embarrassing memories, mental memorabilia

Of the blissfully ignorant life I lived

Before I learned for myself

How unreal reality tv is, and how real pain can be,

Mind racing constantly, continuous are the thoughts

Of happiness, plans of a better future, 

Right before thinking of my

Frustrations with the education system that

Sucks the life from our pockets before we can

Begin these same lives free of charge

Too bad we all can't be the next Bill Gates.

"Forget everything, screw the system. REVOLT AMERICANS, REVOLT"

Screams my thoughts, and then I'm happy for a moment,

Just a moment,

And then life hits me two hours later and...

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