Say Something

Sat, 12/28/2013 - 23:40 -- TarikG


When the darkness creeps in,

So do the nighttime prayers

That may be,

Just maybe this time I won't think of you,

Think of all the times I caught you looking at me in the corner of my eye,

Or all the times we have sat there in silence just looking at each other,

Searching for the right words to say what was really on our minds,

All the times I failed and was left with nothing more to say than an insult,

Because telling you how I feel would mean that I'm vulnerable,

And we both know that with our history,

Vulnerability is nothing more than a door leading to disaster,

But tonight,

I've prepared for the worst,

Built a fort out of the walls that rose when you left,

Made food out of the rage that filled my heart when I found out about him,

Water out of the tears that you never saw,

And made weapons out of the pieces of my once broken spirit,

All this just to tell you,

I love you,

And all I ever wanted was for you to love me too,

Really love,

Don't lust after me,

Looking for a cure to the hormonal instability that plagues your mind and body,

I don't want to be your quick fix,

Your quick fuck,


Love for the night,

Because when the morning light strikes,

So will the coldness of your heart,

I'll call you a douche,

You'll say I get too attached,

And that'll be the end of our story,

No fairy godmothers or magic carpet rides,

Just a countless amount of lonely nights staring at my ceiling asking questions that I know I will never get the answers to,

Because when you see me the next time,

We'll sit there in silence,

Searching for right words to say what's really on our minds,

Lashing out with insults because we failed to find the proper way to say,

I love you


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