I didn’t say I love you

I said pass me the potatoes

I said I have to work late tonight

What I meant was I miss being alone with you

I didn’t say fuck you, go to hell

I said I’m on the toilet

I said where are the kids

I didn’t say let’s have sex

I also didn’t say you’re sexy

I didn’t say I burned my hand on the oven today and nobody was there to kiss it

I said it was about time you got home; supper’s getting cold

I didn’t say we never talk anymore

I said you’re ignorant

I didn’t say I think the rest of the world has it wrong

I said yes and no and mmhm

What I meant to say was teach me what you know

And every night when you go to bed

I don’t say I hope I am in your dreams

I don’t say I am pissed at you for screwing up my life

I don’t say what happened to us

I don’t say please forgive me for everything I’ve ever done wrong

I don’t say shape up or I’m kicking you out

I don’t say I am off my rocker, total basketcase, crazy lunatic because you’re maddening

I don’t say you make me a better person

I say good night.

Sometimes, I say I love you. 


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