Satisfied With Me

I’m so..sad

All my life I’ve never been satisfied

With me

Abuse and control seizing my quiet soul

I couldn’t let go


Rest ripped from me

 I fought fathers for a lifetime

 Never knowing who’s my kin I could never risk to be exposed


Drowning in ocean splashes I can’t see

All my life I never dared to leap I can’t deem the merest squeak


Dis-rest again disposes me I should have never tried to be

Silence scurried out by me’s

Never once could I find Me


Yet I’m so glad

That I died

Now it’s time to bury me

And finally for once I will be free


Learning now to toss and turn

Loving now how living hurts I’ve released now I can be


As I discover me

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world
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