When I was little, you were the best.

I remember how we used to sing karaoke before bed.


When I was little, we always played Crash Bandicoot.

I remember “The Claw”, and how the only way for it to stop tickling me was to sing it a lullaby.


When I was little, I was a “Daddy’s Girl”.

I remember when we moved into Grandma’s, with such urgency.


When I was little, I always missed you when you were away.

I remember how we only got to see you on Sundays or our Birthdays.


When I was little, you meant a lot to me.

I remember that shameful thing you did to mom but I never really understood.


I’m not so little anymore and now I understand everything that happened.


I’m all grown up, I remember you said it wasn’t true.

I understand why you told us you had an accident and you can’t remember.


I’m all grown up, I know when you’re lying.

That’s why when you text me, I don’t really respond.


I’m all grown up, my brother is too.

You didn’t call on my birthday, but I’m glad you did on his.


I’m all grown up, I notice things.

Like how you bought Kari a really expensive ring, but you can’t pay child support.


I’m all grown up and I hate you, but you’re still my dad.

So I still tell you I love you.


Samuel, I wish you would realize that I know the truth.


Samuel, I wish you would realize how much it hurts us when you don’t call.


Samuel, I wish you were a better father, to your son, and to your daughter.


This poem is about: 
My family


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