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Love rains from your sunshine eyes, Happy Beautiful Wonderful. I cup my hands, Love flooding over
A boy born to be king, who became a nameless hero. A boy with visions and headaches, who was said to be a freak of nature.   A boy with a headstrong brother, and a drunken adopted father.
Onward and upward is the way it must be Onward and upward for Dean and Sammy Carry on through the good and the bad Remember all you learned from your dad No matter the cost, save everyone you can
I suppose I just knew, You never told me what to do There were no "directions" For the heat of my affections, My heart just beat  While your lips tasted sweet On my own.  
Well I've been sitting around lately
It all began when Sam was small,  His mom was left dead by the worst demon of all. Sam was in college when his dad disappeared, His brother, Dean showed up without a single tear.
A whispering breeze rolls through a quiet neighbourhood. A chord giggles from the rooftops of a busy downtown. All is gone... All is vacant... With nothing but a Blank canvas left to paint.
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