Sadness is the frozen feeling in the air,

as a homeless person tries to survive winter.

Sadness is the tear that trickles off a 5 year old's face,

as he watches his ice cream fall to the ground.

Sadness is the sound of the car crash a little girl witnesses,

taking away her mom and dad.

Sadness is the life of a pregnant teen,

because her parents have disowned her.

Sadness is the taste of a rotten apple a young boy eats,

after being abandoned in a supermarket.

Sadness is the touch of a mother's cold hand,

while the doctor announces she had a miscarriage.

Sadness is the ring a bride holds,

after being left at the altar.

Sadness is the video a gay teenage boy makes,

before taking his own life.

Sadness is the smell of the fire,

after a family's home has been engulfed in flames.

Sadness is the Hello-Kitty backpack a sixth grader drops,

as she is kidnapped from her bus stop.

Sadness is the cry of a teenage girl, 

after she has been taken advantage of.

Sadness is the pain in Simba's face,

after losing his father.

And sadness is, the last "I love you," a father and husband tells his wife and daughter,

before he goes off to war not knowing if he'll ever see them again.



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