Sadie, my Pup and My Mentor

Wed, 09/19/2018 - 16:03 -- cmc2001


United States

Sadie, hearing the sound of your bark made my Christmas morning,

it was the best present I ever could have dreamed of.

Our bond grew fast,

I wish forever it could have last.

I can still see you following me around,

my little shadow.

Through every joy,

through every tear,

sweet pup, you made my year.

Your soft white cotton fur I ran my fingers through,

and in middle school you were there,

your sweet hue,

you cuddled next to me,

awake or sleep,

you didn't let me go through it alone.

When you got sick,

you still came over and gave me a kiss.

I promised I wouln't cry, 

I just never wanted to say goodbye.

You're still buried in my backyard,

you're still buried in my heart.

Sadie, thank you.

For the way you taught me love,

for the way you taught me loyalty,

for the way you taught me perseverence,

you are my mentor,

sweet sweet pup.


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My family


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