The Sad Truth

Dear All,

I am everything and I am nothing.

A creeping shadow in the black, abyss-like corners of life.

To gaze upon my cloaked, physical form,

That of which was comprised from a stereotype and guesswork,

Would be to take in the embodiment of pain;

The embodiment of suffering.

And yet, this objectified form is deceiving;

A paradox.

For what purpose would the harvester of life,

"The End,"

Have for perceiving its value?



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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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The Poet's Bones

If anyone happens to see this, thank you so much for reading my creation! This was a special poem written in lue of my grandmother's passing, a rough toll taken on the extent of my family. I feel as though this piece encapsulates the reality of our world: that death is an ever present being that should not be feared, but rather accepted, for if we are to look ahead at the days that remain, we forfeit the days that pass us. Thank you again, sorry for being a bummer, and have a nice day!


It's not a bad poem, it's just not a great one. I would suggest that if you really want to do well in the Letter Scholarship Slam, you make the poem much longer and give it a more interesting title. If you look back at the past winners of slams, most of them have fairly long poems with more mysterious and unique names that make someone just browsing the website want to click the link and find out what the poem is about. The poem itself is okay, but death as a narrator is overused unless you can somehow make the character death itself unique, which you did not manage to do. You might want to submit another more unique poem to the contest, and just keep this one as a personal read. Anyway, this is not meant to hurt your feeling or pull you down, I just want you to become a better writer and succeed as a poet. Good luck and happy writing!



I just saw your comment about your grandmother's passing, and I am so sorry. Having heard that, I understand the emotion in the poem a lot better, and I am glad that I was able to read it. Please keep on writing and pouring all your emotions out on the page! I think that the more time you put into writing, the more you can succeed, so please keep on going and getting better! You have a ton of potential and I hope that you find some solace in writing. Again, I am so sorry for your loss. Happy writing!

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