Running Out of Time

Fri, 04/15/2016 - 01:24 -- carosel

This watch staring up at me

It's face whispering,

you can't live without me

repeating again as eras pass over

every chance to be triumphant 


Mozart spent endless nights 

working without mistake 

Sound emerging from the darkness 

of winter, spring blossoms, 

bursting with symphonies to be played

ready to be heard in each fleeting hour 


I stand underneath a bus stop

hiding from the showers of the season 

The moon lies hidden behind the clouds

I wait for the instant to escape from rain and to

Arrive on 



Achilles, the great, selfless warrior

fought for the glory and victory of his nation 

leading his army through the impenetrable walls,

He spent his final moments 

wondering of his friend 

while he bled out on the dirt of Troy 


Every moment I spend staring at the blank wall

wieghs down on my existence 

the dreams of the future mix with the pain of the present 

gentle, steady beeps echo the empty halls

a hospital bed always waiting 

like me, it sits alone for a millennium 


The ages change through lifetimes 

creating the present while glaring at the part 

the human existence fades in and out

weaving knots through fate's string

life begins at the slightest touch 

and ends in a single moment 


As the sun sets and colors paint the sky

seconds morph into a century 

the great dome over my head opens 

the gateway to heaven, stars leading the way 

constellations tell our story but shine

without any recognition of their own 


I watch as hours change into eras

beauty freezes any thought of 



And time stops. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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