Waxy lips,

Purple ‘n thick

Rear view,

A devious kick

Sing-song giggles,

A soft purse

Stomach churning,

A biological curse


“How do I look baby?”

“Pretty mom,” I say


Run Taylor!

Save yourself, dammit!

Look away, look away

Hold on…wait a minute…


Please mom, stop

Please mom, stay


Minutes long,


Teeth scrapping,

She takes her time

Pigmented smiles,

A pulsating rod,

Sickly thoughts,

I pray to God


Swift yank,

Car door closes

Look away, look away

I have to…you’ll regret it…


My lipstick, so long

My lipstick, she’s gone


Thank God mom’s okay


Mouth open,

Say your thoughts

Be kind,

It’s not her fault

Love her still,

She is your mom,

Let her know,

For now, so long


“I can’t look away.”

I tell her, I say,

“You’re hurting me,

And it’s not okay.

And yet, I wonder,

What part do I play?

All I wanted,

Was for you to stay.”


Away, Away

She looks away


“I can’t take you running,

I’m sorry,” I say

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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