The Runaway



When I was running away from my family,

I was being forced to not leave my home.

My parents were talking to me in a very bad tone.

My father was furious,

My mom was trying calm him down

But nothing was going to stop me from going out of town.

Then I felt so worried and curious

That I went to my house but not to stay,

But to check on them and see how happy they were without me.

When I saw them, the only thing I wanted was to flee.

If I entered my house I thought they will just tell me to go away.

From the way I treated my brothers and sisters,

I thought they wouldn’t want to see me again.

I wish I could just try to explain

I wanted to come back before winter,

But finally I figured out that was impossible.

If they beg for me to come back

They knew it was unstoppable.


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