The rules of Depression!


The rules of depression


Dear child close your eyes

For there is no reason to fret about

Taking your own life

Be wary, for people may try and take you down

But please away remember

To turn that frown upside down

Show them that you are not the weakling

That they think you are

Show them your cuts and scars

Show them the strength you hold

Near and dear to your heart


Do not shut them out

For they hate to see you pout

Do not tell them you are fine

When you clearly are not

Talk to them about you every thought


No child you are NOT Nothing

Rather a LIVING person dealing

Something that has broken inside you


For I know what you struggle with

And before you take your own heart

Read this poem and think to yourself

Someone knows what I am going through

I am finally not alone

Some took the time to reach out to me

And try to snap me out of my funk


No dear, before you ask

I am not someone who pity anyone

In fact I hate pity dearly and

Will not claim knowledge for any

Experiences I clearly have not had


But tonight I will request that

You do not be sad

For I am here when you need to talk

Do not be shy to spill you’re every thought

For I will lend an ear and listen

I will understand

Not TRY to understand

What you are going thought

I know Depression better than

Any living puppet

So I know how hard it

Is to speak up

And ask someone for a cure


But dear please remember

I took the time and consideration

To try and help out

Please remember in the last seconds

Right before you end your life that

You are not down and out

Please remember that I understand

Your pains and sorrow

And I will not cast judgment upon your life


Please child I beg of you

do not take your own life

And please for once

Let me see your REAL smile

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