someone gets a problem wrong
the other kid yells "retard"
across the room 
the teacher says
"don't say that"
"it's offensive"
but why? why does a word
just an arrangement of letters
have that effect?
first it was idiot and now
it is retard, names for those
that are mentally disabled
society makes them mean
telling us we can't say them
but we say idiot all the time

at least I do.

eventually, will retard become
idiot, and will something else
replace retard?
it's a vicious cycle of words
replacing other words
and you know what
like your mom says
it's not what you say
but how you say it
and we are humans
we will always be mean
we will always be nasty
we will always be idiots
and maybe one day
we will all just be



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