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The prime minister of Jamaica is seeking help from the US to track down and arrest criminal elements in New York who are shipping illegal firearms to Jamaica.
Plus que tu me méprises Plus que tu me dis des bêtises Plus que tu m’abuses Plus que tu fais des ruses Plus que tu me maudis
There should not be laws against the possession of and use of marijuana Humans think they have the power and authority to illegalise a natural plant The vegetation of the earth has been here before mankind was formed .
I love the way you smile
As I lie here naked, I catch glimpses of them. Some scattered disorderly on me left thigh, Others straight and regimented on my right.  
someone gets a problem wrongthe other kid yells "retard"across the room the teacher says"don't say that""it's offensive"but why? why does a wordjust an arrangement of lettershave that effect?
What is the idea that started this all? The one that broke the glass?
  He lay in bed in peace and red But they didn't like it so forced him out to follow distress.   Why'd they call him crazy? He was special If any would say otherwise
  Out right now Out is where he’s always been They look at him in disgust and there starts the defiance An old man nearby working and non-stop hammering He wishes at times that he’d be him
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