In honor of the shooting in Orlando

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curling fingers grasp cold hands tears swim in eyes forming oceans of sorrow in some furious thunderstorms in others yellow paint marked her summer dress dark blue stars dotted his button-up
Our founding fathers figured that we have to sacrifice some individual freedoms to secure larger freedoms for all.
Click-Click Pow!   Click-Click Pow!   Click-click Pow!   20 30 40
— again i see hate, violent suggestion that we are less less pure, less whole — and we aren't whole a gaping wound in a community we want closure for lives lost
RED is the violence our kind faces a discrimination that surpasses religion and races An ORANGE tinge outlines our scars. A reminder of  Injustice comitted this June, in an Orlando gay bar.
held at gunpoint, trembling and shaking. we must remember the fallen, ripped away because of a simple request, to love without judgement and love those who fit them best. whether a man loves a man,
It never hurt to be queer until you made it burn like a brand on my skin in that bar.   When you let bullets loose like kisses on bare skin onto  the bodies of those who I will
A shot in a room People start to run One gone The music is still blaring, Lights still dim Two gone The music is the only sound among the gunshots Everyone is silent Ten gone
Turn it off Turn off the news Turn off The hurt The hurt The hurt It's too much to take Too much to understand So it's better to just not see It's better to just Turn it off
An image lights up  Blaring the news to a room of silence My stomach twists with anxiety  I see a selection of letters in the headline   I can already sense the looming terror that is yet to feel
As you stare into the dark grey walls of a small cubical you now reside in Do you think about them?  Do you mourn them?
  Now we wonder how. How how how how how? How could this happen? So you pick up a pen, But all that comes out, All you can shout,
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