She’s in the fruit of her youth

They all are


With cherry red lips curvy hips and fluttering lashes

Delicate hands and open hearts

Torn apart bottles of moisturizer and mouthwash

Frosted nails and colorized hair

Skin care meant to accent her cheek bones and natural tones

Supplements for sweetness like

Community service on the surface

To mutilate her image

And hydrocycitrate to repent for her lineage

And tight skin reeking with perfume

A skeleton that depressed the putrid envy

Her gravestone will read GNC 

Buried under lean shakes and shake weights and silvadene

And a diet of whey protein to be thin

And chitosan to compensate the mold inside

That spoils that pretty face

Tarnishes the prime and proper girl

A beautiful bloom now wilted and frail 

Puts a scale in the bathroom and floor-length mirrors

More blemish removers and edits to credit

The shine in limp hair and dull eyes

The raw grime underneath, unpowdered, unpainted

Empowers the cavity in that open heart

The rancid smell


She’s ugly


Uglier than the other girls because she sees them glow

When she feels dull disfigured and in

Desperation she takes glucomannan

Starts spray-tanning to blur skin like snow 

She strains to gain what they have while her marrow

Withers and riddles and wastes away

Infested with a jealous decay

Resentful of pretty girls

So she grabs orlistat to get rid of the fat

That puts her behind the race

Why was she born with an ugly face?

And the wrenching inside that tugs at her conscious when those girls walk by

With perfect faces and perfect lives

She carries the weight of rotting inside


And masks a tender smile 


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