This Room Will Be the Death of Me

I lie in bed, drowning in its white sheets and feeling trapped by the dull grey walls that surround this oddly shaped room. I notice every imperfection this awful place holds. The cracks in the ceiling as deep as a canyon. The dingy carpet filled with every ugly color in the universe. The guitar in the corner that collects the dust of neglect as I remember the forgotten dream of hearing the strings being skillfully plucked into a melody by my hand. The dream catchers have not only snatched the nightmares from my head, but also every hopeful dream I've ever had. They hold them behind and unbreakable net, and I watch them slowly fade. The paintings on the wall only show surreal places I'll neer be able to experience. The closet overflows with worn out shoes, too many clothes, and boxes upon boxes of useless crap. I stare at myself through the warped mirror on the walls before falling into the rough waves of sheets that long to drown and bury me. This room will be the death of me. I close my eyes and dream of a better place. Then I open them. I feel the soft white sheets keeping me afloat. I feel the comfort of the grey walls with just a hint of hopeful purple surround this perfectly odd-shaped room.I begin to notice all the perfect imperfections around me. The cracks in the ceiling as beautiful as the Grand Canyon. The damaged carpet filled with every beautiful color of the sea. I brush the dust off of the abandoned guitar and pretend to pluck  the strings with such skill that would bring anyone to tears. I approach those dream catchers with determination, ripping through the weak net and setting those lost dreams free, watching them float around the room with excitement. The paintings begin to portray sceneries that fill my mind with peaceful and hopefull thoughts. The closet is filled with shoes with stories, clothes with color, and boxes upon boxes of memories, I stare at myself through the warped mirror on the wall before I fall into the calm sea of bright white sheets that make me feel at home. This room is the life of me.

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