Rooftops and the City

I'm sorry that it's been awhile, 
Been so long, I miss that smile
I've been in the city
And I've seen a few things
Broken men in diamond rings
It's a dark sad place with concrete corners
Jagged edges, and graffiti borders


The people there don't laugh like you
They can't see the stars,
They miss the moon


And a rooftop is nice to sit upon 
And make wishes...
But it is a terrible place to leap from, 
Those stars that keep you company 
Can't catch you on the way down


I hope that someone's hugged you tightly
You are precious
I won't let you go lightly
And hugs work miracles


So kiss your momma 
But don't say goodbye
I'm coming home
As minutes die


Unweave your fingers from the hilt
I'll not call home where blood was spilt
And the city bleeds at dusk


Love doesn't shine from office lights
When men slave late and feed the night
But I'm coming home
I'll be at the door
And the light of your smile
...I'm living for


And I've seen a few things
Let's lay on the rooftops and whisper
So stay there and wait for me
Though the grass sings like water, don't dive!
I'll meet you where stars are the sweetest
And I promise to keep you alive



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