Rising Above It All


I watch her fall into the darkness of the shallow earth

No one knows where she vanished to

She shows up the next day and no one realizes she is different

Something was wrong

No, everything was fine

She seems different

No, I seem different

I could feel the vital force of her pushing me out the way

She rises again

I was hiding from the creatures that surround me

My mask could no longer stay put

Everyone can finally see the person I was trying to hide

She rose above me as I tried to pull her down from this earth

She is not the person I want others to see

She is enraged with herself

She is annoyed with herself

She loathes herself

Now she got out once again.

They were suppose to keep believing

Believing how delighted I was with myself

Joyful at seeing everyone

Pleased at my actions

Now everything is ruined

They will start looking at me weird

Staring at me like I am someone who just craves attention.

It isn’t attention I crave

It is happiness

I just want to be happy with who I am

I will be happy with who I am

I will not lose to my self-conscious

We both will rise above.


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