Right By Your Side



It's just another feeling,

What I see, through these

Brown eyes of mine.

The feelings never shown,

As the feeling stay inside.


I see the way you look at her,

As she walks right by.

I see the way she stares you,

As  though, if you're like her

"one of a kind."


Don't worry though, because

I'm just another shadow.

Right by your side.

Never clear enough to notice,

But babe, I try my best.

My best to try to avoid it.


Not so much apart,

But deeply close aside.

Babe, These feelings I try,

to keep deep inside.

Are pulling apart and I cannot decide.

Whether I know what's going on,

Or if it's just like another big surprise.


As if I knew what was going on,

It's just another Feeling.

What I see, through these

Brown eyes of mine.


I'll probably always feel this way.

Feel so damn far apart.

Yet I'd always be the one,

The true one,

Right by Your Side



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