Right the Wrong

It seems they don’t care anymore

They cast us away

As if we are nothing more than toys for play


They kill our souls

They tie our arms

They do not let us escape

Because they own us now


Is there any meaning to this room I am in

The one which casts me out of my dreams

It holds me in a cage

All shackled and tied

How to hold on and escape these times


Can you fix it

Can you fix all that is wrong

Can you help us dream again

Can you help us speak again

Can you let our voices free

Because you cannot do this for me


We all ask and plead

But you do not listen to me

You do not realize the hurt and pain and heartache you have caused

Fix it now while you can

Or when we are old and grand

We will not want to see again


The system is wrong


Intent on breaking us

It holds us down and tells us dreams can’t come true


They say we need this 

This thing called education

To be a good person

To be bright and kind


But we don’t, not really

These are things that will help but not necessarily make up my life

I should be able to choose where I go

Not this government who does not even know

Who I am

What I am

What I will be

I can try and show you the wrong you do

But I am afraid you will not listen

You will just ignore like you have for so long


Right the wrong

Turn it around

Don’t you understand

You are running out of time


Need to talk?

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