Rid of It All

I would change the part of me

who, like others who have experienced it firsthand,

blame himself.


I would change the part of me who

refuses to accept when I have been defeated.

I would change the part in me

that cannot hear a whisper without

hearing his voice.


That part which brings fear forth

instead of love.

The part that shelters,


and blames.


The part where I cannot get close

without hearing him whisper

without feeling his hands resting unnaturally.


I would make it so no child ever

had to feel possessed by their own body.

I would rid the world of those sick minds,

that take away children’s innocence.

I would protect them. And show them

there is love in the world for them.

I would show them what real love feels like.

And I would give them their sanity back.


My change would not just be for me,

but all those who know what that feels like.


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I really appreciate you sharing this. Its really honest.

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